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Casualty Insurance


Old Republic Construction Program Group is now Old Republic Contractors Insurance Group
Posted: 02/17/2017

Old Republic Construction Program Group, a specialty underwriter of contractors for Old Republic General Insurance Corporation (ORGENCO), is changing its name to Old Republic Contractors Insurance Group, Inc. (ORCIG). This is being announced via the following news release of February 17, 2017:

CHICAGO – February 17, 2017 – Old Republic Construction Program Group, Inc. (ORCPG), the specialty contractors insurance division of Old Republic General Insurance Corporation (ORGENCO), is changing its name to Old Republic Contractors Insurance Group, Inc. (ORCIG). The new name more clearly describes our focus as a specialty underwriter of contractors insurance exposure. The name also retains its identity with the ultimate parent company, Old Republic International Corporation (NYSE: ORI), and its family of multi-line insurance companies.

Since its formation ten years ago, the Old Republic Contractors Insurance Group has become an increasingly important market leader that provides quality insurance products and services to select participants in the construction industry. We have gradually expanded its national footprint to provide a high level of specialized underwriting, claims, and loss control services in a professionally competent manner. With offices strategically located in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, New York City, and Pasadena we are well positioned to meet brokers' and insureds' specific needs very efficiently.

Scott Miles and April Gietzen
TexCap Insurance’s COO, Scott Miles & Lanehart Electrical’s Risk Manager/Safety Director, April Gietzen

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2016 Lenny LaGrua Award for Excellence
by Roland Leoncio

Old Republic Construction Program Group (ORCPG) would like to take this occasion to congratulate the 2016 Lenny LaGrua Award for Excellence recipients, Lanehart Electrical Contractors and TexCap Insurance.

Last month, April Gietzen of Lanehart Electrical and Scott Miles of TexCap accepted the award on behalf of their respective organizations during ORCPG’s 20th Annual IRMI Dinner in Orlando, Florida.

Lenny LaGrua was a pioneer in the construction insurance industry at ORCPG who embodied the organization’s values of unparalleled partnership and entrepreneurial spirit. The Lenny LaGrua Award was named in his honor to recognize an outstanding client and customer who represent the same values and commitment to excellence.

Congratulations to Lanehart Electrical and TexCap and thank you for your continued support of ORCPG.

Richard Livermore
Richard Livermore

Old Republic Construction Program Group Executive Vice President Richard Livermore to Present at RIMS2016 in San Diego
by M. Dustin Moore
Posted: 04/08/2016

Old Republic Construction Program Group (ORCPG) Executive Vice President Richard Livermore will participate in a construction industry roundtable at RIMS 2016 in San Diego, CA. The session, to be held on Tuesday, April 12, 9-11 a.m., will focus on the complex and varying insurance needs of contractors and how organizations can best meet them. Topics will include prequalification, federal work, aging workforce, the insurance market, adverse contractual terms and conditions, operational concerns and more.

Mr. Livermore, who has more than 40 years of industry experience, is the head of ORCPG's Risk Resources (Safety) Team. Mr. Livermore is a seasoned speaker at regional and national conferences, and enjoys sharing his experience and insights with industry leaders.

"I'm looking forward to our construction industry roundtable at RIMS 2016," said Mr. Livermore. "With a panel comprised of myself and three additional industry subject matter experts, I believe our session will be an informative and engaging forum focused on construction insurance."

For more information about RIMS 2016, visit https://www.rims.org/RIMS16.

Casualty Insurance
Balfour Beatty's Sr. Director of Safety, Health and Environmental, Leary Jones, and Site Safety & Health Officer, Lupe Hernandez

Most Improved Project
by Roland Leoncio
Posted: 07/31/2014

Earlier this summer, ORCPG and Alliant recognized Balfour Beatty's San Diego County Women's Detention Facility as the Most Improved Project for the first half of 2014. At the start of the project, ORCPG's Risk Resources team observed significant safety issues and problems at the jobsite. Balfour Beatty made the recommended changes, brought in the right people, and completely changed the culture of the jobsite.

One of the key individuals brought in to achieve this turnaround was Lupe Hernandez. Shortly after his arrival, the significant issues were quickly resolved, communication opened up, safety provisions were enforced, and training and education became a focus. Lupe's influence on the jobsite workers was immediately noticed. His presence, dedication, communication skills, and work ethic spread quickly throughout the site. In a short amount of time, the project evolved into a safe and functional place to work. ORCPG recognized Lupe as the keystone of this culture change and awarded him with a trophy for Outstanding Performance as Safety Manager.

"This is the first time in my experience I've observed a jobsite that started so badly turn itself around," says Matt Jaquel, ORCPG's Client Resources & Training Manager. "Despite the stress and strain of the first half of the project, the new team has done an excellent job and made the site a much safer place to work. The workers are happier and have a better relationship with Balfour Beatty."

Casualty InsuranceSafety Symposium Series
by Roland Leoncio
Posted: 06/13/2014

ORCPG’s Risk Resources Team recently hosted the first two of a series of Safety Symposiums. The first was held in April at MTH Industries in Hillside, IL, followed by the second symposium in Hayward, CA last month. Each event showcased a variety of topics presented by a panel of industry experts in their respective fields. The symposium held in May was hosted by ORCPG with special guests Cal/OSHA Consultation’s Nick Gleiter, Aaron Resendez from Pacific Gas & Electric, and Ernie Williams of Honeywell/Miller Fall Protection.

Nick Gleiter started the symposium on the subject of the regulatory issues and difficulties of managing a multi-employer jobsite. In addition, the topic of industrial hygiene issues that workers face each day at construction sites was covered. Nick’s presence at the symposium proved to be a great chance for attendees to get information and their questions answered by a Cal/OSHA Consultation representative.

The symposium then shifted to a presentation on electrical and gas safety in the construction industry. Aaron Resendez provided details on current laws and best practices for working safely around gas and electric utility infrastructures. Attendees were also given an opportunity to learn what PG&E is doing, and what they can do themselves, to help keep the construction industry safe.

Lastly, the event ended with Ernie Williams’ discussion on fall protection. The Honeywell/Miller Fall Protection Trailer was on-site and Ernie presented the latest in fall protection technology equipment. This discussion led to a full-on demonstration with several attendees taking advantage of getting “hung up” on harnesses and learning how to keep safe on the job.

Organizers and special guests of the symposiums have been met with resoundingly positive feedback from attendees. “It was really good information and great presenters,“ Brian Stone of Rex Moore wrote in an email thanking ORCPG for inviting him to last month’s symposium.

The next Safety Symposium is scheduled for this Tuesday, June 17 at Higgs, Fletcher & Mack, LLP in San Diego. For more information, please contact ORCPG’s Matt Jacquel at mjacquel@orcpg.com or by phone (858) 603-4433.

Casualty InsuranceUnwrapped
by Roland Leoncio
Posted: 04/11/2014

What do you do if a client approaches you to evaluate the feasibility of a wrap-up (or consolidated insurance program)? Many brokers only have general knowledge of wraps and have had to bring other brokers with wrap-up experience into the deal. Some have even sold against wrap-ups.

In February, Old Republic Construction Program Group (ORCPG) hosted an exclusive two-day event in New York City to supply brokers with the tools to handle these situations a whole new way. Unwrapped: How to Sell, Identify, and Profit from Wraps provided select brokers from all over the country an opportunity to learn, from notable industry experts, the benefits of wrap-ups.

The seminar’s panel of wrap-up professionals included Joshua Rogove of Consolidated Risk Solutions, Tony Mastrolia from Swett & Crawford, Richard Resnick representing Project Rick Consultants, and ORCPG’s own Vin Petrucci, Sherald Newberry and Chris Phillips. Every speaker in the panel drew from years of experience and provided an integrated perspective of wrap-ups from carrier, consultant, administrator, and wholesaler. “Each of them brought a slightly different slant, but all were very good and knowledgeable,” said broker attendee Bill Neville of the Driscoll Agency.

ORCPG provided the seminar to select broker partners representing several industry leaders, which included:

Initial feedback of the seminar has been very positive. “[The seminar was] extremely valuable,” said Bill Wooditch of the The Wooditch Company. “All of the individuals in the panel had a great style and substance. The lessons will extend beyond the meeting because they not only provided their insight, information, and ideas, but were willing to come out and sit with a broker on their time to ensure you can implement the information they generously shared.”

Patrick Tracy of USI adds, “Overall, a wonderful program with an in-depth panel that provided expertise in areas of how the program works and the advantages of a wrap program. I look forward to more of these as we expand that marketplace.”