Fall Protection Anchor - Recall

3M Fall Protection (formerly Capital Safety) Issues Stop Use/Recall

3M Fall Protection has received field reports of broken end-posts. These are part of the Free Standing
Counterweight Anchor Systems that are using their Evolution LEAP post. LEAP post meaning Lead
Energy Absorbing Posts. The Free Standing Counterweight Anchor System is designed as a portable
means to anchor a personal fall arrest system for a person working on flat roofs or structures. These
LEAP posts are also used in roof-mounted horizontal lifeline systems.

The manufacture states there have not been any fall related injuries reported as of their May 17, 2017
released recall notice.

These posts are on recall and will be replaced by the manufacture free of cost to end users. The P/N’s
affected include 7226000, 7240313, 7255000, 7255002 & 7255003.

The 3M Fall Protection notice with full instructions for end user is available at the following link:

Download SafeAlert