OSHA Silica FAQs

OSHA Releases Crystalline Silica Frequently Asked Questions

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently released a set of 53 frequently asked questions for the construction industry. The questions are organized by regulatory topics with the associated standard number, and a short paragraph for each group of questions.

The FAQs help clarify common tasks that may be outside the scope of the standard due to exposures below the action level. In addition, tasks where employees are working with silica-containing products that are (and intended to be) handled when wet, are likely to generate exposures below the action level.

The FAQs also provide information on tasks that are performed for only 15 minutes or less a day, Table 1 requirements, housekeeping, written exposure control plans, medical surveillance and training.

Download our SafeAlert for more details and a link to the FAQs.

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