The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Announces Final Rules for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced the final rules for drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) on December 28, 2020. The final rules provide requirements for remote identification, operations over people and at night.

Remote ID

The FAA has described Remote ID as “the ability of a drone in flight to provide identification and location information that can be received by other parties.”1 The goal is to allow FAA, law enforcement, and other federal agencies the ability to locate, identify, and monitor any UAS deemed to be operating in an unsafe manner or within restricted areas. FAA established three ways for UAS pilots to meet the remote ID requirements, they include:1

  • Operate a Standard Remote ID Drone
  • Operate a drone with a remote ID broadcast module
  • Operate (without remote ID equipment)

UAS pilots were granted a period of 30 months after the effective date of the final rule to come into compliance with the remote ID regulations.

Operations Over People

Existing rules prohibited UAS weighing less than 55 pounds from operating over people or at night unless the FAA issued a Part 107 waiver. The final rule changed that by establishing four categories of operations for small-unmanned aircraft over people, including additional requirements for nighttime operations and for operations over motor vehicles.2

Additional provisions for pilot training and testing, demonstration of compliance, and design rules for manufacturers have also been included.2 The final rule is set to become effective 60 days after publication in the Federal Register.1

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