Three Steps for Controlling Hazardous Energy

Construction and Demolition

Protecting your employees from hazardous energy exposure is essential, but often overlooked on jobsites. Three steps that help prevent incidents related to hazardous energy exposure include:

1. Planning Ahead

Pre-planning for construction and demolition site activities must include the identification of each source of hazardous energy associated with the anticipated work. Moreover, hazardous energy sources that are present on the project, but not anticipated to be directly affected, must still be evaluated to mitigate accidental contact.

2. Establishing Control Procedures

Once the sources of hazardous energy are identified, effective controls must be developed to isolate each source when necessary. Energy isolation procedures must be implemented, and in most cases, the use of specialized lockout and tagout equipment will be necessary to complete the process.

3. Educating Workers

Communication is essential to mitigating accidents and injuries; therefore, all jobsite personnel must be educated about the sources of the hazardous energy, their associated risks, and the importance of implementing established control procedures when required.

The level of training will depend on each workers individual tasks and proximity to the hazardous energy sources. Some may require basic awareness type training, while others may require classroom training coupled with practical demonstrations to ensure the procedures and precautions are understood and can be implemented effectively.

Additional information can be found here. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your designated Safety Specialist.


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