Are You Ready for a Weather Emergency?

Over the past couple of months, some parts of the nation have experienced weather emergencies that significantly impacted many Americans' lives. The events are a stark reminder of the havoc weather emergencies can cause.

Winter storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods are the most common weather events that cause disruptions to daily life. Therefore, the obvious question everyone should ask beforehand is – "Am I ready for a weather emergency?"

According to Consumer Reports, the following topics1 are essential when preplanning for weather emergencies.

  • Preparing your home before you evacuate
  • Create an emergency "to go" bag
  • Prepare electronic devices
  • Don't forget your pets
  • Preparing for power outages
  • Insurance
  • Establishing an emergency fund

Click the link below to learn more details about these and other weather emergency preplanning topics.


  1. Consumer Reports: How to Prepare for a Weather Emergency


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