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Construction and Demolition Workers

Do you have workers who are subject to noise levels above 85dBA? If you do, then you should consider reviewing the new ANSI/ASSP A10.46-2020 Hearing Loss Prevention for Construction and Demolition Workers standard. The standard identifies a few things an employer must consider to determine whether a noise exposure exists and ways to reduce that exposure, which include:

Know the Limits

An employer should be knowledgeable on what noise levels are allowed for employees at work sites.

Establish a Safe Distance

Once an employer knows the noise levels, the next step is create buffers between the points of operations (noise level) and the employee. Other controls, known as engineering controls, can be used to lower the noise levels. Engineering controls might include changing equipment, baffling, and other methods.

Use the Latest Tools

PPE can be used to provide an additional barrier of protection between the worker and hazardous noise after the engineering controls are installed. There have been technological improvements in hearing protection devices that now allow them to provide adequate protection while still enabling workers to communicate.

Teach Your Workers

Once you have determined the engineering and other controls that will be used to protect your workers form high noise levels, you must educate them about hearing loss, high noise levels and how to protect themselves from this exposure.

For more information please visit: Preventing Hearing Loss in Construction and Demolition

The ANSI/ASSP A10.46-2020 Hearing Loss Prevention for Construction and Demolition Workers standard must be purchased like all ANSI/ASSP standards. It can be found via the following link: Updated Standard on Noise Exposure in Construction


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