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Founded in 1953, J. J. Keller Associates, Inc. is a privately held, family-owned company and has grown to one of the largest employers in Northeastern Wisconsin with more than 1,400 associates serving 600,000+ customers, including 90% of the Fortune® 1000. Their expertise spans nearly 1,500 topics and helps create a diverse portfolio of solutions, including electronic logging and mobile technologies, training materials and tools, consulting and managed services, as well as a wide variety of digital and printed publications, forms and supplies.

ORCIG has arranged with J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. to ensure that our clients have access to a wide variety of FREE safety training videos and supplemental training materials. Our clients receive FREE access to the J. J. Keller® Video On-Demand Catalog with hundreds of topics for fleet, workplace and construction safety, as well as human resources issues.

Clients also benefit by receiving a 10% discount when purchasing J. J. Keller’s most popular compliance, safety and training products.

J. J. Keller® Video On Demand Catalog

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