J. J. Keller® Video On Demand Catalog

ORCIG understands that scheduling training in the midst of the busy construction season can be a challenging process. To assist in developing and delivering your internal training, we have an arrangement with J. J. Keller® to ensure that our insureds have access to a wide variety of free safety training videos, PowerPoint presentations, instructor guides, quizzes and more. All you need to get started is a computer or mobile device with access to the internet.

How Do I Get Started?

Follow these easy steps to access the J. J. Keller® training videos and supplemental materials.

      1. Click the link below to browse the J.J. Keller® Video On Demand Catalog.

        J.J. Keller® Video On Demand Catalog
      2. Identify your desired training video(s). NOTE: Supplemental training materials for each video (downloadable trainer’s guides, classroom exercises, presentations, etc.) will be made available with each selection.
      3. Submit your request, via email, to your designated ORCIG Safety Specialist. If you receive an automatic reply message that states your Risk Specialist is unavailable for an extended period of time, forward your request to:

        Barbara Bossard, AOEE
        Safety & Loss Prevention Assistant

      4. You will receive an email from JJKellerResponse@t.jjkeller.com within 3 business days with a link and access code to the video(s) selected. Each access code is good for 30 days. NOTE: Ensure your company’s firewall does not prevent the email from reaching you. To allow this traffic and avoid any issues, provide the following information to your IT department:

        Sender IP:
        Sender IP:
        Sender IP:
        Sender IP:
        Sender Address: JJKellerResponse@t.jjkeller.com
        Sender domain: mail1805.e.jjkelleronline.com

Please note that this arrangement is provided as a convenience and does not imply that Old Republic Contractors Insurance Group, Inc. nor any of its affiliated companies is sponsoring, endorsing or otherwise approving the contents and materials in the J. J. Keller® Video On Demand Catalog. J. J. Keller® is not affiliated in any way with Old Republic Contractors Insurance Group, Inc., and Old Republic Contractors Insurance Group, Inc. has no control over the nature and content of J. J. Keller’s materials and the availability of the products offered therein.

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