Litigation Management

BITCO Construction Group has a comprehensive Litigation Management program to effectively control the legal costs of our clients' claims. Through adherence to our established litigation management guidelines, we are confident in our decisions to settle or litigate. Our insureds are critical to successful litigation and are involved in each step of our Litigation Management process.

Overview of BITCO Construction Group Litigation Management Guidelines:

  • Our defense panel is composed of small to mid-level firms with expertise in construction claims
  • Litigation budgets are established to help us understand costs on the front end
  • We utilize the latest in risk management information systems to monitor and manage litigation costs
  • Roundtable discussions are held throughout the life of litigated claims and are required prior to trial and arbitration

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

For certain claims, we will take advantage of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in workers' compensation opportunities to facilitate a prompt resolution before significant time and money is spent in litigation. Our Claim Directors work with claim representatives who are highly-trained and experienced in ADR to manage the process of resolving disputes when appropriate without a trial. BITCO Construction Group participates in ADR in California workers' compensation in conjunction with a number of construction trades that operate in California.

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