Managed Care

BITCO Construction Group’s Managed Care program helps our clients control medical and pharmacy costs through early identification of appropriate medical treatment and return-to-work opportunities. We will engage Medical Case Managers on catastrophic and large exposure claims, while task-based assignments and file closure protocols provide further control on claim-related costs. Our Managed Care services are provided by our trusted vendor partners with the costs treated as an allocated loss expense with no financial gain to BITCO Construction Group.

Our Managed Care Approach:

  • Medical bills reduced to fee schedule
  • MPN/HCN/PPO discounts applied after fee schedule reductions
  • Large bills are individually reviewed and further negotiated
  • Complex surgical procedures and questionable treatment are thoroughly reviewed by our utilization review nurses and Medical Director

Medical Provider Network (California)

We have partnered with Coventry Workers' Compensation Services as our MPN provider in California. This partnership has resulted in significant reductions in the average amount paid, shorter durations on lost time claims and lower litigation costs. Coventry’s network has over 72,000 MPN providers which include medical services at over 130,000 locations.

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