BITCO Construction Group has worked with Lytx to establish an arrangement to help improve driver safety. Lytx is an industry leader in fleet telematics, risk detection, and video safety. By combining video-based coaching with predictive analytics, companies can gain more insight into their fleets, improve driver performance, reduce risky behaviors, and optimize productivity.


The Lytx DriveCam® event recorder collects driving data inside and outside the vehicle and works to distinguish normal driving from driving that could be risky. This includes behaviors such as hard braking, sudden acceleration, drowsy driving, cell phone use, and excessive speed. Twelve-second clips are uploaded through the cloud, to be analyzed by professional event review specialists, and then posted to your password-protected secure portal. Lytx video safety solutions are proven to change driver behavior and deliver rapid return on your investment to save you time, money—and most importantly, lives.





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Driver Safety Program
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Risk Detection Service

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Lytx Video Platform

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