Construction Safety Specialists

There is No Substitute for Experience

BITCO Construction Group’s experienced Safety Specialists are the most valuable construction safety resource for any client or project.

BITCO Construction Group Safety Specialists:

  • Average 25 years of experience
  • Are credentialed, including MS, CSP, CIH, CHST, CSHO, CIT and CRIS designations
  • Provide our clients a single point of contact to coordinate all risk control and safety services
  • Have extensive local construction knowledge and experience in the region in which they operate
  • Assist to protect our clients’ images and reputations

Our Safety Specialists' degree of technical knowledge, combined with real-life experience, enables our clients to maximize their projects' overall safety success.

Involvement is Key

We understand that in order for our services to be effective, we must invest time in our clients. Our Safety Specialists provide a high frequency of service, while fostering positive relationships with construction managers and owners to ensure a safe work environment is maintained.

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