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BITCO Construction Group Safety & Loss Prevention: Leading the Way in Safety

BITCO Construction Group’s Safety & Loss Prevention team provides our clients with high quality specialized construction safety training. All of our dedicated Safety Specialists are experienced safety trainers and will customize our training programs to fit our client’s individual needs, business and specific job requirements.

Key risk control and safety training programs we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Behavior-based Training
  • Compliance-based Training
  • Fleet Safety
  • Incident Investigation
  • Pre-Task Planning / Job Hazard Analysis Development Training
  • "Near Miss" Training
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • New Employee Orientation Program Development Training
  • Foundations - Supervisor Leadership Series
  • Workplace Violence / Active Shooter Prevention

Our Safety & Loss Prevention team’s extensive database of current, proven safety solutions ensures our clients will have access to best practice information, service and the highest quality specialized training for construction safety. If a client has exposures, issues or concerns, our Safety & Loss Prevention team will create a specific program to address an individual contractor’s or project owner’s needs.

In addition to the programs our Safety & Loss Prevention team offers, BITCO Construction Group has arrangements with industry-leading safety organizations that provide additional training and risk control solutions at preferred pricing for our clients. Check out our Client Resources page for more information.

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