Fake N95 Respirators

NIOSH approved N95 respirators are in high demand during the current pandemic. These respirators can be hard to find as many industries prioritize individuals seeking them for personal use. The increased demand for N95 respirators has led some to create fakes without proper testing to obtain NIOSH approval.1

The CDC has several examples of counterfeit respirators and misrepresentations of NIOSH approvals found here.2 For example, did you know that NIOSH does not have any respirators approved for use by children?1 Seeing marketing that states otherwise likely indicates the product is counterfeit.

Along with looking out for key markings and identifiers on the respirators and packaging, you can also verify the NIOSH approval number listed on the product here.3 Being mindful of the tactics used by counterfeiter’s and verifying the approval numbers can help ensure that you are getting the level of protection you desire and not wasting your money.4




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